We Have Moved

Posted by Fernanda da Silva Tatley on

We have just moved our manufacturing site from Invermay in Mosgiel  to 229 Kaikorai Valley Road - 5 minutes away from the centre of Dunedin. No, we are not part of the Roslyn Mill Storage - we just rent premises above this site.

We kept our manufacturing and customer services going throughout this 8 week transition period, but it is great to finally be settled in one place. :-)

We are loving our new space and are planning an open day early in August once everything is in the right spot.

So, we will be sending invitations to all our customers, but any interested parties are also welcome. Thank you so much for your loyalty.

We'll keep you posted. :-) 

PS Our new landline number is 03-453-6200, otherwise all our existing contact details remain the same, e.g. info@azurlis.co.nz, ask@azurlis.co.nz, and our 0800-298-7547 (0800- AZURLIS) exclusively for New Zealand based customers. 



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