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Build a skin care regime based on your skin type and textural preferences.

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Combination Skin Best Suited - Your Skin

Combination skin type normally refers to skin that exhibits or behaves as a mix of normal, oily and dry, and sometimes sensitive.

The selection of the best suited products will be a function on whether your skin tends more to an oily or a dry type. A guide is given below for products where options are available.

Cleansing Mousse Gentle Foaming - tending to oily
Refreshing Facial Cream Cleanser Non-Foaming - tending to dry and sensitive
Toners - Floral or Herbal Personal Preference
Gentle Daily Moisturiser Light Texture - tending to oily
Intensive Moisturising Day Cream More Intense Protection - All other skin types
S&S Nourishing Night Cream Night nourishment - All Skin Types
Wonderful Skin Serum Ideal for under Day/Night Moisturisers
Soothing Eye Serum Great for Early Signs of Fine lines
Sunscreen - SPF10 or SPF50 Depends on Level of Protection