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Dry Skin Best Suited - Your Skin

The products listed below are a natural fit for Dry skin, though many of these products can be used for other skin types.

The key approach to looking after dry skin

Dry skin requires care in the application of the products formulated to nourish and hydrate the skin, and depending on the "dry" status, a larger amount of the Moisturisers and Serum Products may be required.

Products ought to be applied with gentle, feather touch action, without rubbing. In fact products will be better absorbed and functionally more effective when applied without rubbing or pressure. This applies particularly to moisturisers and serum products.

An Oil-based Cleanser is ideal for Dry skin, but if the preference is away fro oil, then the alternative is the cream cleanser shown in the table below.

The selection of the best suited products will be a function of a preferred skin routine or personal choice. A brief guide is given below for products where options are available.

Jojoba & Aloe Facial Cleanser - Oil Ideal Anti-Ageing - For Dry Skin
Refreshing Facial Cream Cleanser Non-Foaming - Anti-Ageing For All Skins
Toners - Floral or Herbal Personal Preference
Intensive Moisturising Day Cream Intense Day Protection - Medium/Rich Texture
S&S Nourishing Night Cream Deep Night Nourishment - Rich Texture
Loving Skin Serum - Fine Oil Texture Ideal for Dry Skin before Day/Night Creams
Eye Cream vs Eye Serum - Oil Same Benefits - Personal Choice
Sunscreen SPF10 Shelter from Sun Exposure