Your Skin is Unique

Build a skin care regime based on your skin type and textural preferences.

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Oily Skin Best Suited - Your Skin

The Tender Loving Care Range was formulated for skin that needs TLC.

These products were developed for Active Skin that characterises teenagers' skin, but they are equally useful for sebaceous active skin at any age.

These products can be used in combination with any other products for other skin concerns.

 Cleansing Mousse Gentle Foaming Cleanser
TLC Moisturiser for Teens Lemon tea-tree oil to balance skin oil
TLC Skin Serum - Fine Oil Texture Apply at night time
Witch Hazel Gel - To active acne  Apply around inflamed area, Day/Night
Twirl Gentle Facial Scrub Exfoliator for deeper cleansing