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Sensitive Skin Best Suited - Your Skin

Sensitive, and often fragile or rosacea-prone, skin requires gentle touch while avoiding foaming cleansers. Thus, the Jojoba & Aloe Facial Cleanser, as an oil cleanser is ideal for this skin type owing to the high percentage of coconut oil - a natural cleanser. But, for those that do not want an oil cleanser, the Refreshing Facial Cream Cleanser is also suitable.

The use of the toner is useful to provide a moisture mist after cleansing. This help to maintain the skin hydrated under the day or nigh moisturisers.

The Serum products are design for those skins that need extra protection under the day or nigh moisturisers.

The Gel product is an alternative to the Serum products, better suited for warmer weather.

Products ought to be applied with gentle, feather touch action, without rubbing. In fact products will be better absorbed and functionally more effective when applied without rubbing or pressure. This applies particularly to moisturisers and serum products.

The selection of the best suited products will be a function of a preferred skin routine or personal choice. A brief guide is given below for products where options are available.

Jojoba & Aloe Facial Cleanser - Oil Ideal Anti-Ageing - For Sensitive Skin
Refreshing Facial Cream Cleanser Non-Foaming - Anti-Ageing For All Skins
Toners - Floral or Herbal Personal Preference
Intensive Moisturising Day Cream Intense Day Protection - Medium/Rich Texture
S&S Nourishing Night Cream Deep Night Nourishment - Rich Texture
Delicate Skin Serum  I - Fine Oil Ideal to apply before Day/Night Creams
Delicate Skin Serum II - Fine Oil More Active Version of Serum I
Sensitive Skin Gel  Summer alternative for Oil-based Serum I & II