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Azurlis™ Natural Botanical Skin Care Products are designed for the best care while recognising who we are and what we value. This underpins our approach to life. We recommend a simple routine combined with a balanced lifestyle as well as mindfulness.

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The concept of Azurlis Natural Skin Care had its origins in the mid-1980s in Cape Town, South Africa. The growing waste in landfills called for a shift in consumerism and implementation of sustainable practices in manufacturing. In addition, evidence was accumulating on the hazardous potential of many mainstream ingredients in skin and beauty care ranges.

The Founder

Azurlis™ founder Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley is a Dunedin based molecular medical microbiologist. Raised in Portugal she studied at the University of Cape Town completing a PhD in molecular medical microbiology. After moving to New Zealand, she attained a Master of Entrepreneuship from Otago University and launched Azurlis Natural Skin Care.

Philosophy & Vision

The philosophy of Azurlis™ Natural Botanical Skin Care reflects our holistic approach to skin, body and soul care, fusing the knowledge gained from scientific research with ancient principles that stood the test of time. We value the world around us, encouraging environmentally friendly awareness and practices for the sustainability of our unique planet and our own wellbeing.

Video Library

View our growing collection of informative videos related to our natural, botanical skin care range.

Our Mission

Our mission is to merge knowledge from nature and science in a unified manner to create and continuously develop a natural botanical skin care range, free of harmful chemicals, that supports environmentally friendly practices and is rich in those elements of Nature that are beneficial to the body, the mind and soul.

Holistic Approach

Holistic skin care is one that reflects care for our skin knowing that the  products we use are beneficial to our wellbeing and that their manufacturing is respectful of the precious world we live in.


Ethical skin care is skin care that supports cruelty-free beauty. In Azurlis™ Natural Botanical Skin Care we carefully consider the source of ingredients and are committed to not using any animal, animal derived or animal by-products. We stand firmly against testing on animals.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are sourced in New Zealand, though some of the primary raw materials for a few of these ingredients may originate from other parts of the world. We use only EcoCert approved ingredients natural skin care, including the emulsifies and preservatives. Since we do not use animal derived ingredients, Azurlis™ is truly Botanical Skin Care.


Our world is precious and resources are not infinite. It is our responsibility to ensure that we reduce damage to the environment for the sake of future generations. At Azurlis™ Natural Botanical Skin Care we have decided to use glass containers to minimise the use of plastics. Besides glass being non-porous is much more suited for longer shelf-life of products containing natural ingredients. Our labels are also made of fully recycleable stock.

Good Skin Care

This is about being methodical and perseverant with your approach to looking after your skin. It takes all of 5 - 6 minutes in the morning and evening. You deserve this special time. At Azurlis™ we recommend a simple routine combined with a balanced lifestyle. Our products are effective to provide ongoing deep nourishment and proctection, while being gentle, soothing and calming.

A Brief History of Skin Care

Skin care was given as much attention in the ancient world as it is today. In fact the the concept of what makes a cream, essentially the same as we use today, dates back to the Ancient Greeks.