About Azurlis

Our Founder

Azurlis founder Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley is a Dunedin based molecular medical microbiologist. Raised in Portugal she studied at the University of Cape Town completing a PhD in molecular medical microbiology.

She then moved to New Zealand in 1999 as a scientist for the University of Otago. At the same time Fernanda began developing her own holistic skin care range. She has a Masters of Entrepreneurship. She is also a Reiki Master and Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

Fernanda’s approach to skincare reflects a balance between science and soul. Her holistic approach to skin, body and soul care is an extension of how she sees the world around her.

Our Company and Products 

Azurlis Natural Skin Care – Balancing Science & Soul was founded in March 2008 by Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley, as a manufacturer of natural skin care products with a holistic approach to skin, body and soul care.

Though the brand was launched in 2010, its original concept had its genesis in Cape Town in 1989 while Fernanda was doing a PhD in Medical Molecular Microbiology. These two decades saw Fernanda’s using her spare time to develop products while in academia, and later in more scientific/business development capacities.

Between “idea and product” there was a period of intense revision of published research on botanical ingredient benefits in skin care, as well as the emerging research on a variety of energy healing approaches ranging from yoga, meditation, Reiki and reconnective healing.

Much attention was given to distilling information on harmful ingredients that are used in personal care products, as well as on sustainable harvesting of beneficial ingredients, and manufacturing processes that are least likely to harm the environment. This research highlighted the futility of animal testing as well as the plethora of generally accepted myths on what makes a product natural.

Thus, it became fundamental to Azurlis to develop great natural skin care products whilst encouraging environmentally friendly awareness and practices contributing to the sustainability of our unique planet and our own wellbeing without harming other animal species.

This philosophy extended to adherence to organic certification of personal products, and became our motivation to obtain full organic/natural certification for all our products.

The last 6 months prior to launching Fernanda concentrated solely on product production and marketing.

Azurlis launched from modest premises within the Centre for Innovation – Otago University, with 9 products including cleansers, toners and moisturisers, but within 6 months the range expanded with a variety of bespoke products as a result of market demand.

Clearly developing products was not a limitation, but the costs of marketing a wide range are quite prohibitive, especially with a concept that embodies such a complex mix of benefits.

In 2012, after we moved to premises at Invermay AgResearch Agricultural Centre - Mosgiel, the product range has been consolidated into the current range (38 products). 

These include: Anti-Aging, Dry & Sensitive, Normal & Combination, Rosacea, Oily-Acne-Prone & Teenage and Men’s. A number of other products not in these ranges such as body and hand products have also been developed.

We started primarily as an online business, but given the tactile nature of skin care the need for physical retailers soon became apparent. Currently 12 retailers from Invercargill to Tauronga stock our ranges (5 in Dunedin/Otago). Our products are also exported to Japan and to the Czech Republic.

We also offer consulting on manufacturing.