Caring for Your Skin


Our Approach to Natural Skin Care

We recommend a simple routine combined with a balanced lifestyle. Azurlis Skin Care range is gentle and calming, providing nourishment and protection.

Our skin care range encourages natural cellular activity that is critical for a glowing skin. Also, the hydrating properties of our skin care range leave the skin feeling refreshed, invigorated, supple and smooth

Skin care products should always be apply with a gentle massage action. The massage movements and direction are shown in our Massage Guide.

Our products were developed with a simple 1-2-3 steps approach to face and soul care:

1. Cleanse - to calm the skin and infuse the soul - use either of these cleansers in the morning and evening:

  • Jojoba & Aloe Facial Cream Cleanser - with a floral bouquet, it is soothing and refreshingly floral. This is great for delicate skin or mature skin, and it is a fabulous eye make-up remover, even water-proof.
  • Refreshing Facial Cream Cleanser - orange blossom and peppermint leaf. Great for all skin types.

2. Tone - for body and soul harmony: inspired by Nature, blended for peace and joy. Use either toner depending on personal preference.

  • Crystal Mist Herbal Toner - refreshing and absolutely devine. It has the scent of freshly cut cucumber.
  • Crystal Mist Floral Water - gentle bouquet of rose petals. 

3. Moisturise - to nurture the skin and balance the soul:

  • Intensive Moisturising Day Cream - refreshingly protective and regenerating. OR
  • Daily Moisturising Cream Gel, SPF - 10.
  • Soul & Skin Nourishing Night Cream - balancing and nurturing.

Formulated to create a special space and time to inspire you for the day, and to savour the moment in the evening as you ease into a good night's rest. Use either moisturiser as they resonate with you.

However, sometimes our skin requires  a little bit more attention, especially as it matures. For this reason we have a range of Eye,  Gel and Serum Products for all the skin types.

Because our range is so extensive we have selected a few products with specific and wonderful Anti-ageing benefits, and to make selection of the correct product easier we have an Anti-ageing Product Guide.

A special note:

The extracts with a floral bouquet, it is soothing and refreshingly floral. and oils in our products have been blended in a holistic manner in alignment to the physiological requirements of our skin and the universal essence of our souls.

However, as the seasons change, so may we experience phases that are deeply unique and personal. These are often manifested in changes on our skin texture and soul moods, and may call for adjustments in our daily routines, e.g. the skin may require a richer daily moisturiser.

During these times, it may be more appropriate to use the Every Night Moisturiser during the day, instead of the Everyday one. This change is in no way detrimental to your skin or soul, due to the holistic approach that is embodied in the Azurlis® New Zealand Skin Care For Life products.


Why is this approach important?

The skin being the largest organ of the body needs special attention.

The skin interfaces with the environment and reflects our physical and emotional states. Thus, by looking after our skin and recognizing its marvellous role on the body, we contribute to our wellbeing.

With this in mind we encourage development of a healthy mind and soul in a healthy body.

This can be achieved in various ways, but at Azurlis we believe that the use of Reiki and lapis lazuli energy in our skin care range facilitates this process. The calming effects of this energy can be enhanced by regular meditation, resulting in a sense of peace and quiet that stills the mind and heals the body.

By ensuring that no synthetic fragrances or colours, harmful preservatives and detergents are used in our skin care range, and by encouraging environmentally friendly awareness and practices, we are contributing to the sustainability of our unique planet and our own wellbeing.

We believe that this is best achieved through adherence to organic certification of food, farming and personal care products.

This approach is our motivation to obtain full organic or natural certification for all of our products, although many of our ingredients are already aligned with organic certification standards for personal care products.

Selection of ingredients that are extracted according to these principles, further add to our recognition that life needs to be supported by a sustainable environment. It t is our duty to continue using practices that encourage respect or the fragility and beauty of our environment.