What is Ethical Skin Care?

Ethical Skin Care is skin care that supports cruelty-free beauty.

This is skin care that considers very carefully the source of ingredients used to ensure that none are derived from animals or from animal by-products.

Ethical skin care products are also definitely not tested on animals.

At Azurlis® we have obtained approval from the NZ Vegetarian Society for our Anti-Aging Range, as the ingredients and manufacturing processes of these products have been scrutinised by the NZ Vegetarian Society, confirming that indeed our skin care products are 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals.

Indeed, we are extremely proud of this Certification as we really value the recognition that Ethical Skin Care = no animal testing = no animal cruelty.

But, we went one step further in the selection of ingredients for the Anti-Aging Range. What was this step?

It was the fact that in the process of obtaining the NZ Vegetarian Society Approval for this range we also demonstrated that  NO animal derived ingredients are used in our products as this is equally crucial to our philosophy. Besides, with the confirmation that NO animal derived ingredients are used in our products, the Anti-Aging Range products are also suitable for vegans.

So, our products DO NOT CONTAIN bee derived products such as honey or bees wax, neither do they contain bee venom. We also do NOT USE collagen, milk, colostrum and placenta derived extracts.

Ultimately, we want to have all our products independently Approved to validate that indeed their cruelty-free status, so this is just the beginning.