The Evolution of Azurlis™

Today the principal values of Azurlisfirst established in 1987 still guide us more than thirty years later.


Azurlis® concept is evolving as natural skin care, natural ingredients that are not harmful to humans and the environment, with preservatives that are not hazardous to human health and not tested on animals.


Azurlis develops into a brand that incorporates the lapis lazuli rock energy as this is so evocative of the connection to the deep blue of the night sky as well as the deep blue sea. Thus, the brand carries the blue of the lazurite, white of the calcite and bronze that represents pyrite. The beep blue also reflects the colour of many blue flowers that have beneficial skin care properties, e.g. Flax, borage, irises.


Azurlis launches as AzurlisSkin Care for Life, but within a year it changes to AzurlisNatural Skin Care – Balancing Science & Soul, with the emphasis on the borage flower.


The brand changes to accommodate the benefits of flax seed oil with its lovely blue/purple flowers and the emphasis on ethical.


The Azurlis flax seed flowers are aggregated in a heart shape, reflecting the care for all around, human, animal and environment. A heart for humanity.


An Azurlisbrand refresh simplifies the brand style to a more contemporary look. However, the original mission, intent and goals are still the same as those created in 1987 – Inspired by Nature & Created with Soul.

Philosophy & Vision

The philosophy of Azurlis® Skin Care reflects this holistic approach to skin, body and soul care, fusing the knowledge gained from scientific research with ancient principles that have stood the test of time.

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