Valentine's Day Gift Set

This Azurlis™ Valentine's Day Gift Set includes three indulgent products, gift-wrapped and packaged in our beautiful zip bag, making it the ideal loving gift for someone special.  

Natural Lip Gloss: The Naturally Kissable Lip Gloss is a truly natural lip gloss with subtle cocoa butter and coconut flavours. Silky smooth with a deep sunset glow, flattering as it enhances one's natural lip colour. Because this product does not contain synthetic pigments or colour extenders, you will need to re-apply regularly, but the advantage is that you are using a completely natural lip gloss, and the container is fully recyclable (glass, roller ball, label). A truly wonderful glossy essential for naturally kissable lips. SPF8. Size: 10 ml.

Hydrating Kaolin Mask: The Pink Swirl - White & Pink Kaolin Face Mask is a "wet kaolin mask", that will not dry up on your skin, but it provides a source of deep nourishing and balancing ingredients. Ideal for all skin types, whether sensitive, fragile, or acne-prone. Mini Size: 15 ml.

Hydrating Serum: The Hydrating Face & Neck Gel is a super hydrator with hyaluronic acid, ideal to soften/plump fine lines, and provide a wonderful youthful glow. Apply before moisturising in the morning, or night if that is more suitable. Mini Size: 10 ml

Azurlis™ Zip Bag: The Azurlis Zip Bag is made from natural fibres, in a convenient size (21 cm wide x 15 cm tall). Ideal to store your special skin care products at home or when travelling.


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