Sustainability is really important to us. Our world is precious and resources are not infinite. It is our responsibility to ensure that we reduce damage to the environment for the sake of future generations.
We believe in sourcing ingredients that are farmed with sustainable and environmentally supportive approaches. But, sustainability for us is also about the use of glass containers to minimise the use of plastic, that is restricted to the pump tops. 
Our refill, trial and travel pouches are ideal for refilling/re-using containers as well as minimising emissions associated with dispatching products overseas. 

Furthermore, our product labels are made of fully recyclable label stock. We also only use paper and cardboard in our packaging, including the padding. 

Our Mission on Sustainability for a Circular Economy

Fernanda da Silva Tatley By Fernanda da Silva Tatley

Our goal is to re-cycle as many of our container’s components as possible. We say “as many as possible” because inevitably there will be components that get damaged or can't...

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