Normal/Combination Skin

Formulated for skin types that are fundamentally unproblematic or "Normal Skin", but sometimes tend to be slightly dry or oily in some areas, e.g. oily over the T-panel and/dry in the chin and cheeks, often designated "Combination Skin".

Combination Skin Type normally refers to skin that exhibits or behaves as a mix of normal, oily and dry, and sometimes sensitive.

The selection of the best suited products will be a function on whether your skin tends more to an oily or a dry type.

Some guidelines on the Range and how to select the best products for you:

The Jojoba & Aloe Facial Cleanser, is an oil cleanser with a high percentage of coconut oil - a natural cleanser/detergent as well as oils of jojoba and aloe, soothing and nourishing for mature skins. The Refreshing Facial Cream Cleanser, with a blend of macadamia and coconut low foaming (mild surfactants) ingredients, is an alternative, for those that prefer a cream cleanser.

Toners provide "moisture mists" after cleansing, helping to maintain the skin better hydrated. These are applied prior moisturising. Selection of the Crystal Mist Floral Toner (rose) or the Crystal Mist Herbal Toner (cucumber) is dependent on personal preference.

The Serum Products were formulated to provide extra nourishment and protection, complementing the benefits of the Intensive Moisturising Day Cream and the Soul & Skin Nourishing Night Cream. The Wonderful Skin Serum, to nourish and encourage cellular renewal, to provide nutrient sources that will help to delay premature signs of ageing, whereas the Hydrating Face & Neck Gel Serum with hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil encourages ongoing hydration, pumps and smooth fine lines. Apply day or night, on its own or under a moisturiser.

The Daily Moisturising Cream Gel SPF-10 is a light moisturiser with zinc oxide to provide sun protection. Use over the Day moisturiser. For full broad spectrum protection apply ever 2 hours.

The Simple Earth Mask, with NZ Glacial Clay, is a gentle and detoxifying deep cleansing mask. Use weekly or monthly as a special treat.

The Pink Swirl Kaolin Face Mask, this is a "wet mask", as it will not dry up on your skin, but provides a source of deep nourishing and balancing ingredients. Ideal for all types of skin, whether sensitive, fragile skin, or acne prone.
Azurlis™ Intensive Moisturising Day Cream 60/30ml is a light and luxurious daily moisturiser that keeps the skin hydrated all day long, whilst encouraging deep cellular growth and regeneration, SPF-8. Suitable for all types, and ideal moisturiser to protect against the premature signs of ageing.
Azurlis™ Soul & Skin Nourishing Night Cream 60/30ml is a balancing and Deeply Nourishing night moisturiser, to protect against the premature signs of ageing. Formulated to encourage repair during a restful night sleep for all skin types.
Azurlis™ Hydrating Face & Neck Gel - Serum 30ml is a real nourishing hydrating gel, cream, serum star product, superb for all skin types, to protect against premature ageing!
Azurlis™ Balancing Eye Cream 30ml is an extremely light yet deeply nourishing and protective daily treat. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, to protect against premature ageing.
Azurlis™ Wonderful Skin Serum 30ml For normal & combination skin.  A wonderful serum that can be used daily instead of your moisturiser. Feeds and protects the skin, while nurturing the germinal cellular layer.
Azurlis™ Daily Moisturising Cream Gel SPF-10 50/30ml is a protective and soothing sunscreen moisturising cream gel for daily use.  With nourishing, emollient and anti-oxidant ingredients, to protect against premature ageing, for great looking skin. The natural sunscreen protection of these ingredients is enhanced with zinc oxide to SPF - 10 level.
Azurlis™ Refreshing Facial Cream Cleanser 100/50ml is a revitalising, yet soothing cream cleanser for all skin types.
Azurlis™ Cleansing Mousse 100ml is a fantastic cleanser. Combining the benefits of a gentle cream cleanser with a good percentage of natural coconut surfactant and a wonderful scent due to the presence of citrus essential oils.
Azurlis™ Jojoba & Aloe Facial Cleanser 100/50ml is a Soothing oil cleanser with a citrusy floral bouquet. Suitable for all skins, but truly wonderful for dry and sensitive types. This is a water-free cleanser, that is also, a wonderful make-up remover. Suitable for all skin types, and ideal for sensitive and fragile skin.
Azurlis™ Crystal Mist Floral Toner 50ml is a really unique product that can be used on your face and body, anywhere, anytime, as a toner or spritzer, and is absolutely 100% alcohol-free.
 Azurlis™ Crystal Mist Herbal Toner 50ml is refreshing and absolutely divine. Great as a toner. Fantastic as a spritzer, like freshly cucumber slices on a hot Summer's day. Lovely to keep skin moist moisture under any moisturiser - 100% alcohol-free.
Azurlis™ Twirl Gentle Facial Scrub 50/30ml is a gentle yet deep cleansing exfoliator with jojoba wax beads as an abrasive agent.
Azurlis™ Pink Swirl Kaolin Face Mask 50/30ml is a "wet mask", as it will not dry up on your skin, but provides a source of deep nourishing and balancing ingredients. Ideal for all types of skin, whether sensitive, fragile skin, or acne prone.
Azurlis™ Simple Earth Mask 50ml with New Zealand Glacial Clay. This is a "wet detoxifying mask", as it will not dry up on your skin, while providing a source of deep nourishing and balancing ingredients. With organic shea butter, oils of apricot kernel and borage, this mask will help to decongest the skin and maintain a soft and supple texture. Ideal for all types of skin, whether sensitive, fragile skin, or acne prone.

Azurlis Organic Skin care

Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin: Introducing the Azurlis Range

Dive into the world of Azurlis, where nature meets science to offer the best in skincare. Designed with utmost precision, the Azurlis range is not just any ordinary skincare line. It's a symphony of natural botanical ingredients formulated to deeply nourish and hydrate, making it the ideal face cream for dry skin. With key components like macadamia, rosehip, safflower, coconut, shea butter, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid, it promises to deliver unparalleled results.

For those in search of an SPF moisturiser, look no further. The Azurlis collection ensures protection against harmful UV rays with SPF moisturierwhile maintaining the skin's natural glow. Recognizing the unique needs of every individual, the brand offers products tailored for various skin types, from sensitive to oily. The serum skincare products stand out, addressing specific concerns and ensuring the best moisturizers for dry skin are at your fingertips.

Azurlis encourages a holistic approach to skincare, emphasising the importance of a simple routine combined with a balanced lifestyle. It's not just about the external application but also about mindfulness, cherishing those special moments of self-care, and embracing ageing with beauty and grace. As Dr. Fernanda da Silva Tatley aptly puts it, it's about "Embracing ageing with beauty, without cruelty.” Dive into the Azurlis experience and discover a world where beauty is natural, sustainable, and truly rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Azurlis is a beacon of excellence when it comes to skincare. Their face moisturizer for dry skin is a testament to this commitment. Infused with nature's finest ingredients, it offers unparalleled hydration. The unique blend of botanicals ensures that the skin not only receives moisture but retains it, preventing dryness and flakiness.

Sun protection is non-negotiable in any skincare regimen. The Azurlis SPF moisturiser goes beyond just protection. It shields the skin from harmful UV rays while ensuring it remains soft and hydrated. The dual-action formula means you're getting the benefits of an SPF moisturiser and a hydrating cream in one, making it a must-have in your skincare arsenal.

Skin serums are the unsung heroes in skincare, and Azurlis has perfected their formulation. Their skin serum range is designed to deliver targeted results. Whether you're looking to hydrate, brighten, or combat signs of aging, there's a serum skincare solution for you. With a high concentration of active ingredients, these serums work at a cellular level, rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.

Dry skin requires special care, and the Azurlis face cream for dry skin is crafted keeping this in mind. It's more than just a moisturizer; it's a hydration experience. Enriched with ingredients known for their moisturizing properties, it combats dryness, ensuring the skin feels soft, plump, and radiant.

Azurlis boasts some of the best moisturizers for dry skin. Each product in their range is a blend of nature's best hydrating agents. From daily creams to intensive hydration solutions, there's something for everyone. The consistent use of these moisturizers ensures that dry skin is a concern of the past.

Serum skincare is not just a trend; it's a revolution. Azurlis emphasizes its importance because serums penetrate deeper than regular creams, delivering potent ingredients directly to the skin's layers. This ensures faster, more visible results. Incorporating serum skincare into your routine means you're giving your skin the best chance to shine.