Soothing Eye Serum

The Soothing Eye Serum is truly nourishing and shielding, rich in vitamins A, B and C anti-oxidants.

This is a wonderful product that can be used as a daily protector or a night feeder for the delicate skin around the eyes. This product is also an ideal serum for very sensitive and delicate skin, easy to use for the entire face.

  • Application: Formulated to moisturize, nourish, encourage cell renewal and protect the delicate skin around the eyes. This is a marvellous alternative to the Balancing Eye Cream. Enjoy its shielding, rejuvenating and protective benefit on the gentle skin contour the eyes.

  • Directions for use: One drop of the serum is sufficient for both eye lids. Start by applying one drop onto your finger tip. Dab all over the eye area, including the lids, though avoid serum entering your eyes. Gently massage with small circular movements away from the nose, until the serum has been fully absorbed. Re-apply if a richer coverage is necessary. This serum can be used in the morning prior to applying your moisturiser, but it is ideal as an evening treatment on skin without any make-up. Allow your skin to enjoy a wonderful night's sleep.

Macadamia integrifolia* (macadamia), Simmondsia chinensis* (Jojoba), Borago officinalis* (borage), Ricinus communis* (castor), Linum usitatissimum* (flax seed), Prunus armeniarca (apricot), coco caprate/caprylate^, d-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam), β-citronellol”, geraniol”, (l)-linalool” (“components of Lavandula angustifolia [lavender], Daucus carota [carrot seed] essential oils).

*Organic certified; ^EcoCert Approved for use in organic and natural certified skin care. Certified organic ingredients: 95%.

Soothing: macadamia, peach kernel and jojoba oils are known for their soothing and softening benefits.

Anti-oxidant: natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol). Its benefits are supported by nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients.

Rejuvenating: with a unique blend of ingredients including oils of flax seed, macadamia, jojoba, borage, as well as essential oils of rosewood, lavender and carrot seed. The synergistic properties of these ingredients make this serum a highly nurturing, protective and regenerative anti-aging serum for the delicate skin around the eyes.

This Size Option is designed to last for up to 4 weeks. This amount is sufficient to test the product's unique benefits and functionality, before committing to purchasing bigger sizes.

The Refill Option is provided in 1 x 30 ml recyclable foil pack specially designed for natural skin care products. This will allow re-use of existing containers, to encourage a more sustainable circular approach to skin care.

The emptied foil packs can be discarded in the plastic kerbside bins. In the future we hope to develop an up-cycling approach.

However, the containers will need to be cleaned before refilling to avoid microbial contamination and spoiling of the Refill product.

• Cleaning and drying of the glass bottle and push pump is necessary to ensure that these items are absolutely dry/moisture free before adding any Refill, especially if the product is an Oil-based, such as this Product.
• Using only bottles and pumps that are fully dried is very important to avoid microbial contamination.

Cleaning & Drying Process:

• Add 1 – 2 drops of the dishwashing liquid to the glass bottles, half fill the bottle with warm water.
• Re-insert the push pump, close the nozzle with your finger and shake it, a few times until any of the product remaining on the inside of the bottle is washed from the inside wall.
• Discard the soapy wash.
• Repeat until it is evident that there is no product left inside the bottle, i.e. only bits floating in the washing water.
• Add another drop of dishwashing liquid to the bottle and replace the push pump.
• Now push the soapy water through the pump to wash the pump and nozzle.
• Repeat the water only step a few times to remove any trace of soap.
• Shake the nozzle to remove any water, until only air is flowing through.
• With a hairdryer blow into the bottle to dry inside.
• Use the hair dryer to blow through the pump nozzle, drying the residual moisture.
• Leave bottle and the push pump on paper towel, overnight, in a warm part of the house, to ensure that both are properly dry.
• If the next day, you can still see some moisture in the bottle or any part of the push pump, shake and blow with the hairdryer until the water is gone.

The Travel Option is designed to travel light with your favourite natural skin care products. This Option consists of 1 x 30 ml pack.

Using foil packs specially designed for natural skin care products, avoiding to carry glass jars or bottles while you travel.

The foil packs are easy to pack in compact luggage, by saving space.

Since these options weigh a fraction of the glass containers, they are perfectly designed to encourage circular economy and environmental sustainability, through saving space, weight and of course supporting recycling/up-cycling approaches.

A true winning option for the environmentally conscious traveller.

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Customer Reviews

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Selwyn Yorke
Excellent Eye moisturiser

i am a male and I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and my eyes get tired and “rusty”. When I rub some Azurlis’ Soothing Eye Serum into my eye lids, I get excellent relief. I love this product.

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