Ethical Skin Care = no animal testing or animal derived products = no animal cruelty

Ethical skin care is skin care that supports cruelty-free beauty. This is skin care that carefully considers the source of ingredients is committed to not using any animal, animal derived or animal by-products, as well as having a stance against testing on animals.

At Azurlis we are totally committed to “no animal testing” and use of animal derived ingredients. We are delighted to have joined the PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Programme, and fully support their global efforts in the prevention of animal cruelty in beauty products, personal care, food processing, as well as pursuing welfare rights for all animals. See our Declaration of Cruelty-Free Policy.

Are independent certifications important?

YES! Certifications are truly important, especially in today's market where it is often difficult to be sure that a product is what it is claiming to be.

Independent certifying organisations review the all the information submitted on ingredient manufacturing and packaging pipelines. These go as far as verifying that ingredients harvest and processing comply with the guidelines set out, and that indeed no hazardous substances are either used or produced in these processes. Furthermore as is the case with PETA these are to certify the cruelty-free status of products.

With no animal-derived ingredients, our skin care products is also suitable for vegans.

Our products do not contain bee-derived products such as honey or beeswax, neither do they contain bee venom.

We also do not use collagen, milk, colostrum and placenta-derived extracts.