Benefits of Natural Skincare – Enhanced by Lapis Lazuli & Reiki Energy

Benefits of Natural Skincare – Enhanced by Lapis Lazuli & Reiki Energy

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Caring for our skin has to go "deeper than the skin"


Nourishing skincare routines are fundamental to maintaining healthy skin, and scientific evidence is increasing, as featured in the New Scientist issue, 2nd March 2024, Healthy Skin = Healthy You.

This fascinating cover story highlights the findings from 19 research studies on atopic dermatitis, as well as a separate set of studies on psoriasis, focused on the impact of these conditions on the disruption of the skin’s barrier function and the body’s attempt to repair and heal the compromised areas.

The resulting inflammation is the body’s immune system response, in overdrive, to repairing/healing the wounds and skin breaks. As this response is ongoing, the inflammation becomes chronic, so proportionately an enormous amount of energy is spent in this phenomenon, especially as the skin is our biggest organ, sequestering energy from the physiological maintenance of other organs.

Research in these conditions is now pointing to the benefits of looking after our skin to maintain an “intact functional barrier”, that being properly hydrated and unblemished, is critical to protecting the body from exposure to the elements, maintaining normal body physiology, improve health, and longevity, including decreasing the risks from developing Alzheimer’s, heart disease, stroke, inflammation, while contributing to overall wellbeing.


Benefits of Naturally Sourced Lipids


In addition, research is also showing the superior benefits of replacing “petroleum-based” moisturisers with formulations containing naturally sourced lipids, such as fatty acid components of macadamia nut oil, like palmitoleic acid, that is also present in human sebum; and shea butter that is superb for dry and irritated skin or skin with a disrupted barrier function, due to the high percentage of unsaponifiable components like amyrine, lupeol  and tocopherols, all of which have been documented to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and repair damaged skin, because of their role in cellular repair processes.



Similarly, there is abundant evidence that humectants (substances that attract water to themselves) such as vegetable-derived glycerine, dramatically improve the skin barrier function by “drawing water” into the skin layers.  

So… YES…

  • There are, benefits to using natural skincare!
  • Benefits to developing a nourishing skincare routine!
  • Benefits to using natural skincare organic ingredients!
    • Because these benefits are fundamental to preserving a healthy skin barrier, and to ensure its ongoing maintenance and/or repair.




But there is another very important reason as to why a complete skincare routine is necessary. There is also evidence that inflamed skin can contribute to inflammatory bowel disease, bone loss and cognitive impairment or dementia, because so much of the immune system is focused on “healing the skin” it compromises the capacity to respond efficiently to the requirements of other organ systems. Thus, “the skin doesn’t just reflect signs of ageing... it’s contributing to it.”


Another really interesting highlight of this New Scientist skin health article, is the importance of the sensation of touch. This became particularly evident during Covid-19 lockdowns, that took a toll on mental health through, isolation, the lack of hugs and physical touch.


Hugs and touch are vital to humans


Hugs have been found to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as benefiting physical health in children and adults, through decreasing the heart rate and the stress hormone, cortisol ( Indeed, babies and children that are not touched with loving care are known to experience developmental delays and are even reported to be unable to gain weight.




These findings emphasise the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles and continuously looking after our body and mind through wholesome food, fresh air, appropriate exercise, personal care, relaxation, mindfulness, and loving care for oneself as well as others, and of course the use of a nourishing skincare routine. So, how can Azurlis™ skin care help.


Azurlis™ is much more than nourishing skin care


Core to Azurlis’ philosophy is the combination/integration of modern scientific evidence with ancient principles to create unique botanical skin care, using ingredients that support wellbeing, avoiding hazardous chemicals that silently accumulate in our bodies with unknown long-term consequences, as well as associated negative effects on the environment.


All the ingredients in our products are selected for their beneficial properties and balancing energy, as well as for their generally acceptable problem-free safety and toxicity profiles. In addition, our products do have a unique point of difference that we seldom emphasise, namely the fact that our skin care ranges are enhanced by lapis lazuli and Reiki energy.


This is as much a benefit to the skin as to the person using the products, because the lapis lazuli and Reiki energy are healing, calming and relaxing to the body and mind.


What is Lapis Lazuli energy and why use it in Natural and Organic Skincare?


The name lapis lazuli is derived from the Persian “lazuward”, blue. This is a prized stone and that metaphysically is believed to “contain the soul of the Gods”(Hall, 2007).

Lapis lazuli is an intensely blue “high-vibration” rock (Hall, 2007), made up mostly of lazurite (blue), calcite (white) and sparkly pyrite (fool’s gold, hinting on bronze), amongst a few other minerals. and other minerals. This stunning mixture of crystal components gives lapis lazuli its distinctive look, as shown in the image below, that is a photo of an unpolished surface of this stone.



On a spiritual level, it is known for its “protective serenity”, healing and encouraging creativity.


In the more physical world, it is known to strengthen the skeletal system, comprising the bones that give structure to our body, body shape, allowing movement, makes blood cells, providing a protective casing for our organs as well as attachment to ligaments/muscles and stores minerals (Miles & True, 2003; Hall, 2007). It is also recognised to activate the thyroid, stimulate the immune, respiratory, and nervous systems, adjusting/enhancing skin condition, improving menopause and PMS as well as alleviating stress/anxiety/depression while enhancing mental clarity, self-expression, and harmony.


The latter are conditions associated with the throat, but lapis lazuli energy aligns with the Third Eye Chakra, known for its luminous blue colour, much like the lazurite hue (Hall, 2007).


There is also a very interesting association of the Third Eye with the pineal gland, located deep in the centre of the brain, and its connection to light via the circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion. This association with the circadian and sleep cycles link to the Third Eye (and alignment with lapis lazuli), is believed to underpin the harmonising/relaxing benefit of lapis lazuli, as the intense blue colour of the stone balances day light. As an aside, in many spiritual traditions the Third Eye is believed to serve as a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, the light and the dark of life.


Given its benefits on the major body systems that support our body structure/shape/movement as well as harmonising effects on our mind and emotional states, make lapis lazuli the perfect energetic catalyst to enhance the healing of our skin (body) and soul, for balanced wellbeing.


How is Lapis Lazuli “added” in Azurlis™ Botanical Skin Care?


Although lapis lazuli energy is a key component of our products, as discussed in the previous section this is not a physical ingredient, but rather an energetic enhancer of the benefits of the ingredients in our products.


To “add” lapis lazuli energy to our products, small chunks of lapis lazuli rock are placed surrounding the water that is used in the formulations, and in between the ingredient shelves. In addition, finished and packaged products are stored surrounded by the rocks.


On a regular basis, the rocks are held in one’s hands, in gratitude for the exchange of energy.


What is Reiki and How does Reiki Energy Work?


Reiki is a Japanese word that translates as “universal life energy” from “Rei” meaning universal, and “Ki”, life force energy.


According to this and similar ancient Eastern philosophies, Ki is the vital living force that flows through everything in the universe. This flow of energy can be negatively affected by stress and anxiety. This can result in restrictions or blockages of its flow, which in turn can manifest as physical or psychological imbalances.


Reiki healing energy encourages the maintenance of an energy balance and flow in our lives and environment.


As the universe is made up of energy, the intentional transfer of uplifting, loving energy has a positive impact on living and inanimate objects, and thus Reiki can be used on everything.





Reiki & Dr Mikao Usui


Reiki as a form of energy healing was re-discovered by the Japanese doctor and Zen Buddhist Dr. Mikao Usui, in the earlier part of the 20th century. The value of this energy to heal both physical and psychological conditions became particularly evident after the 1923 Kanto earthquake, and led to the opening of numerous Reiki healing centres in Japan.


Reiki healing was, however, introduced to the Western world during the 1930’s, by Mrs Takata, a pupil of Dr Usui. Since then, its teachings and practices have spread globally. Scientific research studies carried out since the 1960’s in the last 20 years have shown that Reiki energy has a positive impact on the mood and physical conditions of patients*. Of interest were the positive changes in brainwave patterns of those patients being treated with Reiki (Bowden & al., 2010)


How is the Reiki energy introduced into Natural Skincare?


The products are exposed to Reiki energy during the manufacturing, storage and packaging process. This happens in a quiet moment during which Reiki energy is transmitted to the products through the hands of the manufacturer, either by holding the container with the product or simply by cupping hands around the product. This is much like a practitioner would give a Reiki session to a person.




Closing comments on Energy Therapies


Reiki is a complementary form of energy therapy that can be used in combination with crystal energy, such as that of lapis lazuli, to balance disruptions in the energy field around the body that can lead to ailments. Reiki practitioners use their hands over the body areas that need healing, yet as discussed above Reiki can be used to heal/balance all those aspects of life to which we devote attention and love.


Thus, “we can Reiki” a person, a flower, a pet, or objects that matters to us, such as skin care into which so much love and energy has been poured.


Of course there will always be sceptics, and although it is really hard to scientifically measure the results of energy healing, evidence is surfacing that it is possible to benefit from modalities that are currently unquantifiable such as the benefit of a hug… sharing love and care, and at Azurlis™ we see how our customers feel and talk about the improvement of their skin and the benefits in their wellbeing, through appreciation of moments with less stress and anxiety.


And, maybe in the near future, New Scientist (or any scientifically accredited publication house) will review the scientific research on benefits of energy healing.




Bowden, D., Goddard, L., & Gruzelier, J. 2010. A randomized controlled single-blind trial of the effects of Reiki and positive imagery on well-being and salivary cortisol. Brain Research Bulletin. Vol81 (1), pp. 66 – 70.

Hall, J. 2007.The Encyclopedia of Crystals. Godsfield Press. London. UK. 288 pp.

Miles, P. & True, G. 2003. Reiki – review of a biofield therapy history, theory, practice and research. Alternative Therapies in Health and MedicineVol 9 (2) pp. 62 – 72.


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