Cleansing Mousse
Cleansing Mousse
Cleansing Mousse
Cleansing Mousse

Cleansing Mousse

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This is a fantastic cleanser combining the benefits of a gentle cream cleanser with a good percentage of natural coconut surfactant and a wonderful scent due to the presence of citrus essential oils.

The result is a mousse cleanser, that gently lathers further as you add water.

  • Application:  A gentle mousse textured emulsion cleanser with light and fresh citrus aromas. This mousse cleanser removes make up and cell debris, while leaving the skin hydrated and supple. The synergistic freshening, cleansing and moisturising effects on your skin allow for a calming feeling to infuse your soul.
  • Directions for use:  Use the Cleansing Mousse as part of your morning and/or evening cleansing routine. 
      • Moisten your face with warm water. Place “1 – 2 pump drops” of the cleansing mousse onto moist hands. Apply to face and neck with circular upward movements. Moisten face to enhance the foaming action, with a "mousse" texture. 
      • Spread the mousse evenly over your face and neck using small circular movements from the centre of your face moving outwards. Do not rub, rather massage gently. Moisten your face again with warm water and continue massaging. Alternate massaging and moistening or rinsing your face, continuing this process until the water on your skin run off looks clear. Wipe excess water off your face with a moist face cloth while gently patting the skin until dry. 
      • Follow with our toners and moisturisers or your normal skin care routine.

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) extract*, lapis lazuli gem essence, vegetable glycerine, coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil*, macadamia nut (Macadamia integrifolia) oil, grape seed (Vinis vinifera) oil, cetearyl olivate^ sorbitan olivate^, jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) oil*, decyl glucoside+, peach kernel (Prunus persica) oil, capric caprylic triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), xanthan gum, castor (Ricinus communis) oil*, hyaluronic acid (yeast derived), vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) extract, lauryl glucoside+, dehydroacetic acid^, benzyl alcohol^, cetearyl alcohol, d-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E), potassium sorbate, essential oils (lemon verbena [Aloysia citriodora], wild orange [Citrus sinensis]*, peppermint [Mentha piperita]).

*Organic Certification NZ, Australia, USA; ^Eco Certification by the EU for use in natural and organic skin care products; +coconut oil derived natural surfactants.

Cleansing: with extra natural surfactants derived from coconut oil, to cleanse with a foaming yet non-drying action - mousse texture, to help lift cell debris and dirt without drying the skin.
Soothing: extracts of aloe vera and vanilla are known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-oxidant: natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol). Its benefits are supported by nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients.

Rejuvenating: the oils of macadamia nut, grape seed, jojoba and peach kernel provide a source of ingredients that are nourishing, and are key to support optimal cellular regeneration. Essential oils of lemon verbena, wild orange and peppermint are stimulating for the skin and lovely for the soul.