Differences Between Natural and Mainstream Skin Care

Posted by Fernanda da Silva Tatley on

  1. This is important because natural skin care contains molecules that are active, unlike many mainstream products that are synthetic and designed to cover, rather than care. Just because a product is natural it does not mean that you cannot have  a reaction to it, thus always patch test on the inner forearm. Wait 5 – 10 minutes, and if no reaction, proceed as instructed in the pack insert. 
  2. Natural skin care products have a larger coverage than mainstream, so start with grape seed amounts of creams, or single drops of serum or gel products. 
  3. Single drops and grape seed amounts should be enough for half the face, but if not, it is better to re-apply rather than using too much. 
  4. It is much more beneficial to use light massage strokes to spread the products instead of pushing deep into your skin. Everyone’s skin has different and unique uptake rates, and pushing/rub products will not increase their efficacy. On the contrary the skin is more likely to look inflamed, irritated, and can even get bruised. So... Make love to your skin when applying skin care. 
  5. Our natural skin care is designed to target the basal cell layers to encourage optimal cellular growth and regeneration. Given that it takes 28 days for newly born cells to surface to the top of the epithelium, you may not see results straight away. However, continued use will contribute to improvement of your complexion. 
  6. Our natural products do not contain any fragrances, and the scent of the products is entirely due to that of the extracts and essential oils. Because these were selected for their benefits rather than scent, often products have rather herbal or woody notes instead of beautiful synthetic scents. So, even if these scents are not your favourite... They will not last, but the benefits will!

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