Relaxation Approaches

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Maintenance of a healthy body, mind and spirit requires a balanced lifestyle with attention paid to nutrition, rest, sleep, activity and relaxation. Although these may appear contradictory, they all contribute to the optimal function of the body and mind. This is essential to feeling great emotionally, spiritually, socially, enhancing the individual capacity for self-knowledge and self-care. 

Thus, it is easy to see that a good physical and emotional state is reflected in a glowing skin.There are many forms of relaxation, but at Azurlis® we recommend the use of meditation and Yoga in combination with your individual favourites.

The benefits of Yoga are attained according to these basic principles:

  • Through the development of relaxation of muscles to revitalise the nervous system and achieve inner peace.
  • The use of specific exercises designed to increase flexibility of the body, while increasing the strength and energy. Movements should be guided by coordinating breathing to feel the effects physically and mentally.
  • Correct breathing is designed to increase the level of oxygen to the lungs. This ensures the length and duration of the breath is controlled to achieve a calm focused mind, receptive to the flow of energy – the life force.
  • Proper diet is essential to provide nourishment, but it is also crucial to maintain a strong immune system.
  • Positive thinking and meditation are key approaches to a healthy body, mind and soul. The use of affirmations is empowering and contributes to improved self-esteem.
  • There are numerous reports in the scientific literature demonstrating the value of relaxation and meditation in improving mental and emotional states, as well as physical strength. Furthermore, the benefits associated with these activities equip individuals to deal with stress and to view life in a more balanced manner.
  • There are also many benefits of relaxation and healing via energy healing, such as Reiki and crystal energy, in particular lapis lazuli energy.

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