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How to use Natural Skin Care - Tips from our Founder

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Customers often ask me: How do I know what natural skincare products I need for my skin? When do I know whether I have applied enough or too much?

I will answer these questions and offer a few natural skincare tips.

Natural Skin Care - When Less is More

When it comes to how much natural skincare product to apply, I always recommend starting with small amounts or, as I am often quoted, an "orange pip-size amount of product." If you need more than this small amount, you can increase how much you apply. But when it comes to all-natural skin care, there is no point in using more than what the skin can absorb because too much will result in an oily or sticky sensation. It is also a waste of great products. So, use what your skin takes up and nothing more.

Choosing Natural Skin Care Products for You

To get the best results from your natural skincare routine, you need to contemplate what works for you and your personal routine. Here is some information on Azurlis™ Natural Skin Products, which will help you choose products that work for your skin type.

All Natural Skin Cleansers

We have three cleansers that can be interchanged, but they are all unique and designed for different purposes and skin needs.

Refreshing Facial Cream Cleanser – With natural ingredients for skin care such as water, aloe vera, vegetable glycerine, coconut, and macadamia nut, this certified organic all-natural skincare product is a non-frothy cream cleanser that is ideal for mature skin. Don't let the lack of foam fool you. This product really cleans and refreshes the skin!

Cleansing Mousse – Unlike the Refreshing Facial Cleanser, the Azurlis Cleansing Mousse does offer some light frothing and is terrific for all skin types. Both soothing and rejuvenating, the mousse features organic and all-natural ingredients that combine the benefits of coconut surfactant and a wonderful scent due to the presence of citrus essential oils.

Jojoba & Aloe Facial Cleanser – Unlike our other all-natural skincare cleansers, this oil cleanser is excellent for dry, sensitive skin types. It is also great as a natural makeup remover. Shake this product well before use, and if your bathroom is cold, you will have to run the bottom of the bottle under the hot water tap as the shea butter, and coconut oil will solidify at room temperature. But, once molten and shaken, this is ready to use and is a marvellous treat.

When it comes to cleansers, I only use mine at night to cleanse my skin and remove makeup.

All Natural Toners

How should you use all-natural skin toners? Azurlis alcohol-free toners can be spritzed anywhere on your body at any time. However, the toners work exceptionally well in the summer by providing an added moisture layer when you apply them underneath your day moisturiser.

Azurlis offers two choices of toner with very different aromas. While the scent differs based on your preference, the benefits are the same.

Crystal Mist Floral Tone – The scent of Crystal Mist Floral Toner will remind you of rose petals. With aloe vera and rose water, this soothing toner is an extremely mild astringent. You will find it is excellent for the skin and wonderful for the soul!

Crystal Mist Herbal Toner – You'll imagine freshly sliced cucumbers on a hot summer's day with the Crystal Mist Herbal Toner. Like its more floral counterpart, you can use this all-natural toner for cleansing, exfoliating, or as a refreshing burst of moisture on hot days. Spray a little on a cotton pad and place it over your eyes for a soothing treat!

Natural Moisturisers

A great moisturiser is at the core of a natural organic skincare routine. Azurlis offers day and night moisturisers, specially formulated to support deep nourishment and encourage cell renewal, which is critical for youthful-looking skin at all ages.

Azurlis natural moisturisers are fantastic for all skin types, but they are an absolute necessity for maturing skin. With yeast-derived hyaluronic acid known for its hydrating properties, the Day and Night Moisturisers will pump up fine lines and provide necessary hydration. While their designations indicate when you might use them, they are highly flexible all-natural skincare products. Depending on your preference, you can swap the Day and Night Creams for Night and Day. How do you determine how to use these creams?

The Azurlis Intensive Moisturising Day Cream is a lighter moisturiser, formulated with oils and butters of macadamia, cocoa, shea, calendula, flax seed, and extracts of cucumber and the New Zealand tea tree. In contrast, our Soul & Skin Nourishing Night Cream contains all-natural, anti-oxidant ingredients such as rosehip oils, borage, flax seed, and CoQ10. This product is really a special gift for maturing skin. Indeed, the night cream can be used in both day and night applications depending on your skin's particular needs.

Natural Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Anti ageing natural skin care begins with excellent moisturisers. When it comes to natural skincare brands, Auzurlis stands apart with some of the best botanical skincare products on the market today.

Intensive Daily Moisturising Cream – with a refreshing and aromatic citrus aroma from the New Zealand Tea tree.

TheSoul & Skin Nourishing Night Cream features a bouquet of rosewood and rose to calm the soul. It is best for very sensitive skins

Gentle Daily Moisturiser - This gentle moisturiser is formulated from the soothing and nourishing oils of macadamia, jojoba, cocoa, shea, and camellia, and these complement the calming benefit of lemon verbena extract. This product can also be used as a Night Cream, or you can alternate it with the Delicate Skin Serum.

All Natural, Botanical Serums and Eye Products

When discussing tips for the natural art of skincare, we must consider the importance of serums and eye products. Azurlis offers several products for the skin surrounding the eye, face, and neck.

All Natural Serum and Gels For All Skin Types

Balancing Eye Cream – This product can be used day or night but is probably more convenient at night. This is absolutely ideal for those with sensitive skin, including rosacea.

Soothing Eye Serum – This light serum is an alternative to the Balancing Eye Cream and is equally suitable for sensitive skin, including rosacea. Ideally, use this product at night.

Natural Anti-Ageing Serum 

The Azurlis Anti-Ageing Range has 2 serum products. - one is an oil and the other is an emulsion. Both are superbly nourishing and hydrating day and night moisturisers loaded with antioxidant ingredients, which are great to encourage rejuvenation.

Beautiful Skin Serum – This is an Anti-Ageing oil serum with a high percentage of rosehip oil. It is ideal for mature skin to use at night time under the night cream or alternate night cream with the serum.

Hydrating Face & Neck GelSerum –This product is unlike anything in the market. It is a gel, a cream and an oil.This composition offers unique benefits. As a cream it is nourishing, anti-oxidant and has amazing slip to glide perfectly on the skin. As a gel, it protects the surface of skin from dehydration. As an oil, it has deep skin benefits and adds to the slip texture. Since hyaluronic acid attracts 500 x its weight in water, this ingredient contributes to maintaining a continuous source of hydration on the skin. I use this in the morning, applying it over the toner before I use the day cream. This serum contains a high percentage of hyaluronic acid that helps plump fine lines and attracts moisture to the skin. The Hydrating Face & Neck Gel is aptly named because it encourages a youthful complexion.

All Natural Serum For Sensitive and Rosacea-prone Skin

Delicate Skin Serum I & II – This serum contains oils of apricot kernels, macadamia, calendula, and rosehip to nourish and soothe. The benefits of soothing essential oils complement these ingredients. Use this serum preferably at night on its own or under the Gentle Daily Moisturiser. Versions I and II are formulated similarly, but version II contains more essential oils. Start with Version I and, over time, move to Version II if you require more intense treatment.

Serums For Dry and Dry & Sensitive Skin

Loving Skin Serum - This serum contains safflower, rosehip, and apricot kernel, which are ideal for balancing dry and dry/sensitive skin. It is perfect to use at night under the night cream or the alternate Sensitive Skin Gel.

Serum For Combination and Normal Skin

Wonderful Skin Serum – This serum contains diverse oils, including macadamia, rosehip, and camellia. This is a beautiful serum for uncomplicated skin types and a nourisher and balancer for younger skin (20 – 40 years) that is not showing ageing signs.

Azurlis - All Natural Skin Care Made for You

Remember! The best natural skincare routine suits your skin and skincare routine. Whether you are looking for natural skin care products for black skin, olive skin, sensitive skin, or more, Azurlis is sure to have all-natural, botanical skincare ideally suited for you.

Enjoy and Have Fun! Best, Fernanda

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