What’s in a Product Label?

Posted by Fernanda da Silva Tatley on

The long and the short answer to this question is - A lot, ranging from the material specifications to best fit the purpose of the label to the feel and the mood that it can project as a reflection of the brand it represents.

In rebranding Azurlis™ Botanical Skin Care we were seeking to reflect the key attributes of our philosophy including the avoidance of synthetics and the specific use of botanical ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, harvested with responsibility for ongoing sustainable use in our range, as well as our commitment to developing and using environmentally conscious practices that will help to save our planet for future generations. We truly believe in our strong connection to mother Earth and display this in the colour tones of our brand. This was particularly important for a label that would be visible as the “face of our website” as well as on all our packaging.

But, it was also important for our label to mirror the feel that our range imparts as the products are being applied to the skin, combining the sensation of smooth texture with the effective protection of natural skin care.

So, we partnered with the wonderful team at StickerDot NZ who have a wide range of labels and sticker options. They produced our packaging label using an art paper with matte finish with a beautifully smooth texture to the touch. The feel of the label completely emulates the soothing and peaceful ethos of Azurlis™ Botanical Skin Care.

So, our gratitude goes to the StickerDot Team who were fantastic, extremely professional and prompt, and we really look forward to expanding this partnership further as Azurlis™ evolves, to create a truly win-win scenario.

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