Philosophy & Vision

The original idea that led to development of Azurlis Skin Care had its genesis at least two decades ago, in Cape Town, South Africa, while the founder, Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley, was working towards a PhD in molecular & cell biology.

However, it wasn't until Fernanda moved to New Zealand in 1999, that she finally began developing her own skin care range. Fernanda's approach to skin care reflects a balance between science and soul, and is an extension of how she sees the world around her.

The philosophy of Azurlis Skin Care reflects this holistic approach to skin, body and soul care, fusing the knowledge gained from scientific research with ancient principles that stood the test of time.

The revitalising benefits of the botanical extracts in our products are enhanced with lapis lazuli gem essence and Reiki energy, creating a skin care range inspired by nature to enrich the skin and calm the soul.

The holistic approach to skin and soul care at Azurlis is an extension of how we value the world around us. We are mindful of what we use on our skin, as this is the largest organ of our body and a major contact surface with the environment.

Thus, in encouraging environmentally friendly awareness and practices, we are contributing to the sustainability of our unique planet and our own wellbeing. We believe that this is best achieved through adherence to organic certification of food, farming and personal products.

This approach is our motivation to obtain full organic certification for all our products, although many of our ingredients are already aligned with organic certification standards for personal care products. 

We are in the process of certification of our skin care with PETA as proof of our commitment to no animal testing of skin care products.

Azurlis products are not tested on animals and of our all packaging is fully recyclable. 

Because we love and respect life we

  • handcraft small batches of products so that they are always fresh 
  • formulate products that nourish the skin and nurture the soul
  • are completely transparent about the composition of our products, listing all ingredients

The Founder

Azurlis founder Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley is a Dunedin based molecular medical microbiologist.

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