Witch Hazel Gel
Witch Hazel Gel
Witch Hazel Gel
Witch Hazel Gel

Witch Hazel Gel

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This soothing and astringent gel contains witch hazel and lemon-scented tea-tree extracts.

Ideal to control active areas of acne prone skin. Thus, an excellent gel for teen skin, but equally great for any skin with acne blemishes. The unique properties of the botanical extracts and essential oils gift this gel with skin clearing and soothing properties.

  • Application: formulated with soothing and astringent extracts to calm inflamed or active acne skin, and to help control bacterial flora.

  • Directions for use: apply one drop to a finger tip and lightly dab around active sebaceous areas, and if possible circling the inflamed pimple, rather than on top of it. This is important because you want the ingredients to stimulate the health skin to support the healing of the infected are. Gently massage around each active area until the skin feels just slightly moist.

Aloe barbadensis* (aloe vera), Melaleuca alternifolia* (tea tree), Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), Coffea Arabica* (green coffee), Olea europaea* (olive leaf), xanthan gum, dehydroacetic acid^, benzyl alcohol^, potassium sorbate^, Hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal), β-citronellol”, geraniol”, (l)-linalool”, (“components of Leptospermum petersonii [lemon tea-tree], Helichrysum italicum [immortelle], Mentha piperita [peppermint], Anthemis nobilis [Roman chamomile], essential oils).

*Organic certified; ^EcoCert Approved for use in organic and natural certified skin care. Certified organic ingredients: 95%.

Soothing: extracts of aloe vera and green coffee are soothing and anti-inflammatory.

Astringent: extracts of NZ tea-tree, witch hazel, goldenseal and olive leaf are excellent sources of sebaceous production control.

Bacterial control: extracts of NZ tea-tree, witch hazel as well as the essential oils of lemon tea-tree, immortelle, peppermint and Roman chamomile are blended to soothe the skin and maintain the pH balance on the skin to favour the normal skin flora.