How do we get wrinkles?

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Wrinkles and aging are inevitable consequences of living!  As we age our skin undergoes many changes. The process of ageing is due to the slowing down of cell division within the skin (and everywhere in the body), reduction of fat cells in the dermis (fat within the skin gives us that youthful ‘plumpness’), the slow degradation of collagen and elastin, the proteins that give skin its structure and elasticity, and the slowing down of sweat- and oil-secreting glands, these which help with the water-and-oil emulsion within the skin of our youth, giving us natural hydration and glow. Gravity works against us, pulling down once perky eyelids and creating jowls your grandmother always had. Laughing, frowning, smiling and other consistent facial expressions also contribute to the situation – so keep smiling, otherwise your grumpy mood will show on your face as you age!

We are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities in magazines, and headlines telling us about “plastic surgery gone wrong!” – what have these stars been indulging in? Botox, fillers, laser treatments and face lifts are all options presented to us in order to “stop the clock”. These, however, do not stop any clock – the clock keeps moving forward, and we are left with faces not resembling youth, but rather weird masks.

So, why not try a much more gentle and balanced approach to skin care, by using natural ingredients that have been well documented in their ability to feed, nurture and protect the skin? Also, is it not satisfying to know that the benefits of these ingredients are not just cosmetic, but have a holistic effect on the overall well-being as well? 

Key ingredients include oils of jojoba, organic rosehip, organic calendula, borage and macadamia, as well as essential oils from rosewood, rose and lavender. All of these botanical oils are excellent sources of basic cellular nutrients such as the essential fatty acids, emollient oils, moisturising oils, hydrating oils, and anti-oxidants including vitamins A, D, C, E, K. These provide the required nutrients that are necessary to maintain balanced skin nourishment.  In addition, the essential oils selected are known for their stimulating ability to complement the regenerative and rejuvenating properties of the botanical oils. And… there is a bonus with the essential oils – the benefits of soothing aromas for the body and soul.

Establishing a Skincare Ritual is also important; creating a time and space where you focus on you. Meditation is such an important practice, it has benefits scientifically proven to help relieve stress; improving physical, mental and emotional problems. Regular practice will help you to remember and enjoy knowing that you, your soul and your skin are Beautiful! 

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