Why Wear Sun Protection?

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We all love Summer for all the great outdoor activities of this warm-weather season. But, you need to shield your skin from the UV light, especially in the heat of the day. Below are some skincare routine tips and suggestions.

For these outdoor activities it is useful to cleanse the skin more regularly, freshen-up with toners, wear a good protective moisturizer and lighter make-up. 

  1. The Summer months are often spent outdoors enjoying a variety of activities such as gardening, swimming, biking, running, tennis, etc. These result in increased sun exposure, linked to sun damage, skin cancer, wrinkles, and early aging. To protect your skin, dermatologists advise applying sunscreen at least every two to three hours, and daily moisturising cream gel SPF-50 is a great option*. If you spend a lot of time outside, wearing a hat is a must even with sun protection, and do become aware of any skin texture changes and/or discoloration, as these should be seen by your doctor. Also, don’t forget to protect your lips, and this sometimes also requires the use of sunscreen, not just a lip balm. Otherwise, try our scrumptious nude lip balm for protection.
  2. Despite best attempts, sunburn can happen and apart from the discomfort, this can also be dangerous, with the potential to lead to skin lesions many years later. Relief may be through the application of a cooling moisturizer or gel (often containing aloe vera) to the affected regions and/or use a towel/cloth with cool water to ease the irritation/burning. Some all-natural remedies for painful sunburn include the use of cucumber slices. 
  3. Avoid harsh soaps that tend to strip your body natural oils, making your skin dry and irritated. Also, use lukewarm or cool water and shorten the length of your bath or shower.
  4. Because you'll spend more time outside make sure to drink plenty of water. To prevent dehydration, always carry a bottle of water with you. Also, take advantage of the variety of fruits and vegetables at your local farmer's market that will be full of vitamins that can help achieve a younger and more vibrant complexion.

The above allows you to create a seasonal skincare routine, to suit what works best for you and your skin type. Spend time to identify what is the best routine for you, as it will make your life easier in the long run. Choose good-quality skincare products, and use them consistently. Remember that to truly see the benefits of a skincare routine, this should be followed for at least four weeks, as this is how long it takes cells to regenerate from the lower layer of your skin.  

*This is a zinc oxide based sunscreen, known for its broad UV protection.

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