Simplifying Your Skin Care Routine

Posted by Fernanda da Silva Tatley on

The cosmetic and anti-wrinkle skin care market is huge, extremely competitive and shrouded in promises of miracle products for instant results, including anti-wrinkle skin care, serum products, spa treatments, and of course surgery! These options are costly, making them less accessible in general. However, simple and sensible, natural routines are alternatives to maintaining young-looking skin.

Relaxation and sleep: Give your skin a special treat by using the skin-nourishing night cream before a restful night’s sleep! Stress and its manifestation on our facial expressions promote the use of muscle blocks that can make “frowns” and wrinkles more noticeable. So, a restful sleep eases the tension, as well as allows the skin’s layers to be nourished and healed from within to wake up feeling relaxed, at ease, and naturally looking younger. 

Hydration and water: Wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of the collagen, fat and muscular fibre matrix structure in our skin. These are due to ageing processes but are accelerated by lifestyle, exposure to UV light (without sun protection outdoors) not moisturizing/hydrating regularly and other environmental factors. Hydration occurs both through drinking water, and food intake, as well as through “using hydrating skin care” products. But, of course, we also lose water through breathing and sweating, and, as we age the skin cell layers become flatter and less efficient to hold moisture.

Diet & Exercise: A good diet and exercise plan is a fantastic start for a healthy body, skin and mind. Movement contributes to improving digestion and circulation, fortifies the bones, tones the muscles, and improves health. A balanced diet for overall well-being includes nutrients that are good energy sources such as carbohydrates, proteins and fat, as well as those rich in vitamins (i.e. the water-soluble Vitamin B family - enzymes), antioxidants (e.g. the fat-soluble Vitamin E), trace elements (Zinc or Copper). All of these are found in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, and dairy and equivalent non-daily products.

All of the above used sensibly and with a good plan are excellent “anti-aging skin care products”. These of course will be greatly complemented with well-balanced and formulated anti-wrinkle creams and serum products. 

When comparing skin care products be mindful of statements on the “high” concentration of active ingredients. Each product should only have the necessary percentage of an active ingredient, as too high a concentration can sensitize the skin. In addition, a high concentration of ingredients may lead to an unnecessary cost of products, which does not help one’s budget. 

The long and the short is that using well-designed skin care products, consistently and in a methodical, regular manner and understanding their true benefits is more likely to achieve a beneficial outcome.

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