Katie on Sep 15, 2023

"I just adore this day cream. Not only does it smell divine but a little goes such a long way and my skin just feels so much healthier and hydrated. It works really well under make-up but also makes my skin look bright and fresh when I'm make-up free. Highly recommend!"


"I’ve been using this night cream for about a year and I really rate it. It’s smooth, smells divine and my skin feels fabulous next morning."

Tania on Sep 14, 2023

"I adore this cream! I have been using it over 4 weeks now and my skin has remained moistures all day. It works well under my sunscreen and make up."

Sonia on Mar 25, 2023

"Fabulous product I use morning and night."

Anna on Mar 20, 2023

"I have used many lip balms this is by far the best, I’m hooked!!"

Nikki on Mar 21, 2023

"This amazing product is a staple in my daily routine. It's the first thing I use on my face as a base before makeup. My skin is more on the oily side and this lovely toner is perfect for keeping hydrated and fresh al day long."

Nikki on Mar 21, 2023

"I have been using this wonderful product for the past 4 years and my skin absolutely loves it !! It's the perfect balance of nourishment & hydration while keeping the oil in check. I use it every night to cleanse my daily makeup off. It's super gentle for my sensitive, mid-40's skin."

Emily on Sep 24, 2023

"Within a few days I noticed the improvement under my eyes, would recommend this to anyone looking for an eye cream!"

Harry on Dec 20, 2022

"Worth every cent, highly recommend this product!"

Sara on Dec 13, 2022

"I love this cream because it is so nourishing, yet feels really light on your skin, without leaving an oily residue behind. Smells lovely, too."

Harry on Dec 20, 2022

"I have sensitive skin so am usually super cautious when trying new face products. I have been using this product for a few days without irritations and noticeably softer skin! Highly recommend this product."

Selwyn on Dec 17, 2022

"I am a male and I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and my eyes get tired and “rusty”. When I rub some Azurlis’ Soothing Eye Serum into my eye lids, I get excellent relief. I love this product."